John Kelly, Irish painter and printmaker, 1932-2006

Press Cuttings Impressive Work By Artist

When John Kelly gave his first one-man show it was his religious paintings which impressed because of their very obvious sincerity.

In his current exhibition at the Ritchie Hendriks gallery, 3 St.Stephen’s Green, Dublin, it is still his religious studies which have the greatest impact on the viewer.

“The Last Supper”, a brilliantly moving Composition in red, white and black, the study of Christ’s meeting with His Mother on the road to Calvary, and the smaller works like “Peter and Paul” and “The Kiss” please, not only with their fine composition and lovely colour, but also because they really have the ability to raise the viewer’s thoughts to a serious contemplation of the sacred subjects they depict.

Spanish Inspiration

Generally, this is a more brilliant show, so far as palette is concerned, than the artist’s previous one, an effect no doubt of his recent visit to Spain.

The lovely “Outside a Spanish Town”, the moving study of a Gipsy woman and her baby entitles “Before the Dance” and the brilliant gold and red of “The goat Man” claim attention among the paintings whose inspiration comes directly form Spain.

This is a fine exhibition which is well worth a visit.

M.J.G., The Evening Mail, 1959