John Kelly, Irish painter and printmaker, 1932-2006

Press Cuttings Painter’s Joyous Approach

A fine exhibition of paintings is presented by an Irish painter, John Kelly, at the Ritchie Hendriks Gallery, 3, St. Stephen’s Green, Dublin.

Opened by Rev. Father Donal O ‘Sullivan, S.J., this is a show to kindle the imagination. The artist’s method is direct, and with boldness of line and straightness of colour he states his theme.

His way is questing: he has not yet found his fulfilment. But he states his sacred theme fully and with insight. Not always does he capture his intent; but, where he may seem to fail, his intent is always obvious.

This is an exhibition which presents to us a painter who is ecclesiastical in theme. But there is sincerity in his vision, a joyousness in approach which mark him as one apart.

John Kelly is a new artist, but one whose inspiration holds high hopes. For that reason alone, his works should be seen.

P.H.G, 04.1957