John Kelly, Irish painter and printmaker, 1932-2006

Press Cuttings Young at Art

John Kelly, at 32 a dedicated abstract painter. Born in Dublin, he lives at 11, Blessington Place, the house that scholarship sculptor, James McKenna, kept warm for so long

A one-time odd-job man and a sometime house painter, he has worked all over London and Dublin until he finally anchored himself to Art 12 years ago. He is firm in his belief that one can make a living from it, but admits the going is hard, due to the fact that compared with the French and the British, the Irish public is a long way from being Art conscious.

He would welcome a new deal for artists, particularly in their outlay costs, and says that the first step towards getting one was the appointment of ex-art critic James White to be Curator of the Municipal Gallery.

Another mood painter, he sells abstract works – based mainly on religious themes – for anything up to £75 down to £5. In the valley periods, to support a pretty wife and twins, he paints sets for several theatre companies.

Sunday Independent Magazine, 09.02.1964